Roadmap for enrolling a child

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Enrollment Requirements

·      Be a resident of Delaware County

·      Between the ages of 6-14 years old

·      Commit to a minimum of 12 months in the program

·      Be willing to complete a parent and child interview

·      Stay in contact with BBBS coordinator

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·      Would you like to enroll your child? The first step is simple.

·      Enter your zip code at the following link:

·      Enter your contact information and click submit

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·      Coordinator will set date & time to interview. 

·      Coordinator will also get to know your child, their personality, and the activities they would be interested in doing!

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·      When volunteer and parent approve a match, the Big and Little will meet! 

·      Bigs & families will stay in contact with each other to coordinate meetings to do fun activities in the community!

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·      Surveys show the impact! Surveys will be sent at different times during the match to determine program outcomes.

·      Your information is highly valuable to help us continue to improve our program and determine how the program is impacting the community

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Beyond the Match

·      Be in contact with match support coordinator

          o   Every 30 days for matches under one year

          o   Every 90 days for matches over one year