Be entertained by our dancers

Brother and Sister team Pat Bowen and Susan Brumley speak about their prior dance experience.

You'll want to be sure to grab a ticket TODAY before prices go up at the door on the day of the event! See you at Northside Middle School on Saturday April 22, 2017. Red Carpet begins at 6:30pm!

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Little Stars of the Show!

These are our Little stars that are a Big deal! Your time and money helps make a Big difference in the lives of our children, our volunteers, and our community. Thank you for your support! 

Countdown to DFKS | 2 Days Away


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Book your hair appointments, and get those shoes shined. It’s one week away from the biggest night of the year! Dance For Kids Sake is 2 days away! Come to this event, and see our dancers tear up the dance floor!

Don’t forget to check out the dancer’s pages and help them win an award!

We can’t wait to see you there!

A Little DIY Craft | An Easy Easter Egg Wreath

Bigs, not sure what you want to do with your Littles? Parents, want to create something with your kiddos? This is a cheap, fun activity, perfect for everyone! You can add more steps, take a few off, or keep it just the way it is! 

This Easy Easter Egg Wreath is easy to make, and very cheap to recreate. All you need is:

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Newspaper/Trash bag/Paper Towels (To make clean up easier!)

Plastic Easter Eggs

A Wreath Frame

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Optional: Pipe Cleaners/Ribbon

Optional: Glitter/Sequins/Paint/Elmer’s Glue

So, here’s what you do!

  1. Place a newspaper or trash bag flat across a flat surface to make clean up a bit easier. Take the time to plug in your hot glue gun and allow it to warm up before you get started. (Safety tip: Make sure no one tries to touch the tip of the gun so they don’t burn their fingers.)
  2. Set out the materials, so they’re all ready to go.
  3. Choose the colors of eggs and pipe cleaners/ribbon you want to go on the reef
    • Optional: For an added personal touch, you can have the kids use glitter, sequins, and paint to decorate the eggs before placing them on the reef.
  4. Place a dot of hot glue to the frame, and place an egg directly on the dot, pushing it to the frame. Continue this all around the frame.
    • Optional: Tie the pipe cleaners and/or ribbons between the eggs to give it a more polished look.
  5. Hang up your lovely wreath for the whole world to see!

Have a great time recreating the craft. Make sure to like this post, and tag Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County on Facebook and use the hashtag below to show us your creation! We can’t wait to see what you make!

(Source | The Web | For more Inspiration | Pinterest)


Countdown to DFKS | 12 days away!

15 days.png

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The biggest event of the year, Dance For Kids Sake, is only 12 days away! April 22nd is coming fast, and we want to see you there! Dust off those old dancing shoes, and get ready for the night of your life! Northside Middle School at 7pm is where you want to be!

Come and see the dancers give great performances. You don’t want to miss this.

21 Days Away | Countdown to DFKS


Everybody is buying tickets... Have you bought yours? Buy them here!!

We are so excited for our Dance For Kids Sake event! Saturday, April 22nd is just around the corner. Prep those tuxedos, and open up that old garment bag at the back of your closet. You won't want to miss this glamorous night of fun at Northside Middle School at 7pm. 

Everything is coming together, and we can't wait to see what will come out of this amazing night.

Our dancers and choreographers are working hard to give everyone a great night. 

Appreciation Post | The Dancers of Dance For Kids Sake

Come and experience a night of glamorous fun with Big Brothers Big Sisters at our Dance For Kids Sake event! 

We have a group of 8 couples that are working hard with Cole Academy of Dance choreographers to provide everyone with a great show on Saturday, April 22nd at our Dance For Kids Sake event. Northside Middle School will be the location of our glamorous night of dancing and fun, and it all starts at 7pm.

These 8 great couples have been challenged to collect $1000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County. We think it’s about time for you all to meet them!


Kyle & Audrey Clevenger

Kyle and Audrey Clevenger are quite the adventurous pair. They’ve been all over, from Iceland to the Caribbean. They love trying new things, and they love doing it together. Their teamwork is something that Big Brothers Big Sisters look forward to seeing play out on the dance floor.


Stephanie & Aaron Fisher

Anyone who has seen Stephanie & Aaron Fisher perform -- in Madam Adam or Oldfield and the New Birds, know these two are entertaining. Aaron's energy is unmatched, and Stephanie has a love for Dancing With the Stars, and can’t wait to embody her favorite dancer from the show. Their performance will surely be one to remember.


Juan Toro & Casey Langendorfer

These two Zumba instructors know how to entertain and have fun while dancing. Outside of teaching others how to tear up a dance floor, Casey teaches health in Anderson Community Schools, and Juan is a dedicated civil servant. We can’t wait to see how great these two are on April 22nd. Support Juan Toro and Casey Langendorfer by clicking on the link. 


Jessica & Codi Oldfield

These amazing crooners will be shaking it up on the dance floor at DFKS. We get to see a beautiful love story play out on the dance floor as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. We can’t wait to see Jessica & Codi Oldfield's performance!


Pat Bowen & Susan Brumley


Brother and Sister duo, Pat Bowen and Susan Brumley have been cutting up together their whole lives. He’s Muncie’s favorite Car Salesman who won his beautiful wife through his dance moves. She’s his little sister, who he is certain hung the moon and stars. The world may quit turning for a moment when they take the floor!


Mary Lou Vercellotti & Nik Seiber

Surely the grace and poise of these two will cause our hearts to skip a beat as they twirl and leap across the dance floor. Mary Lou speaks dance fluently with her husband, Nik. Mary Lou and Nik's performance is one to look forward to.


Kendra Mann & Chad Ragan

Kendra Mann & Chad Ragan are great friends that share a competitive streak. They have declared that they are in it to win it all, and we can’t wait to see what moves they have to show us!


Steve & Vicki Jeffers


Steve & Vicki Jeffers have a passion for teaching the youth of the community, and this passion is what will drive them in this competition. Vicki teaches choir at MCS, and Steve teaches and co-owns the Driving Academy here in Muncie. We can’t wait to see what their passion for the community will bring to the dance floor.


The couple that raises the most money gets the coveted Children’s Champion prize. The couple that the audience votes for gets the Audience Choice award. And last, but not least, the couple who has the best performance (as determined by the judge) will be awarded with the Judge’s Choice prize.

To support the couples, please visit their fundraising pages listed below, buy a ticket at this page, or send in a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County!


Our Dancers’ Fundraising Pages:

Juan Toro and Casey Langendorfer

Kyle and Audrey Clevenger

Steve & Vicki Jeffers

Kendra Mann & Chad Ragan

Stephanie & Aaron Fisher

Jessica & Codi Oldfield

Pat Bowen and Susan Bowen Brumley

Mary Lou Vercellotti & Nik Seiber

Dance for Kids Sake

Big Brothers Big Sisters 7th annual Dance for Kids’ Sake fundraiser is back and better than ever!

Please plan to join us for an evening of Hollywood glamour and competition! We have amazing couples dancing this year who are eager to share their talent with you.

Invite your friends to join you for a night of dazzling family fun! Be impressed with our Local Dancing Stars where 8 coples compete for awards -- Audience Favorite, Children's Champion, and more. You won't want to miss the talent this event will display on April 22nd, 2017!

Come out and support your favorite dancers and Big Brothers Big Sisters! 

Doors open at 6:30pm & the show will begin at 7:00pm.

Preseale tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite; $15 for adults and $5 for students. Tickets purchased at the door are $20 per person.

Dancers raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Your ticket purchase can support the couple of your choice. 

The 2017 Big of the Year

Mike Welch (top: right, bottom: left) and Kammeron (top: left, bottom: right). Bottom picture: Facing Project: Mentoring in Muncie Event.

Mike Welch (top: right, bottom: left) and Kammeron (top: left, bottom: right). Bottom picture: Facing Project: Mentoring in Muncie Event.


It all started with a newspaper article.

In 2005, Big Brothers Big Sisters had a “Kid of the Week” article posted in the local newspaper, a snapshot of a child in need of a Big. Thankfully, it caught Mike Welch’s eye. This article called for a police officer to apply to become the Big Brother of a Little, and Mike felt that he fit the bill. He had been working as a reserve police officer, backed by his experience as an elementary school counselor and junior high teacher. His decision to take that first step changed the lives of both himself and his Little, Kammeron.

A line from a letter Kammeron’s mother, Christian, wrote says it all: Mike is a “wonderful man and role model, someone who could be trusted and that you could turn to no matter what. Someone who you know would never turn his back on you and [will] be there for you without hesitation.”

The best Bigs are characterized by the ability bring out the best in their Little. Mike has displayed – and continues to display –the precise qualities that we believe make up the most effective and caring Big. As Littles grow, Bigs must grow and adapt with them. To see their interests and care for each other grow, assistance with overcoming obstacles and the ability to learn while having fun together. These qualities are what brought Big Brothers Big Sisters to name Mike the 2017 Big of the Year on National Thank Your Mentor Day – January 19, 2017. (For more on our celebration, see this post.)

BBBS Director Sue Godfrey says, “We at BBBS are amazed by Mike AND Kammeron. A strong mentor match that lasts over time requires commitment by the Big and the Little. So while Mike is honored as Big of the year, I also offer congratulations to Kammeron, a senior at Muncie Central, for his commitment to being a Little Brother and to Mike. Parents also make a commitment to BBBS and the Big. We thank Christian for her continued support of her son and of BBBS!”

Mike and Kammeron's match has been consistent, encouraging, and lasted through time. 

With Mike’s help and influence, Kammeron has gained confidence in himself, and is beginning to think about how he can positively impact other’s lives.

Mike’s dedication to Kammeron and Big Brothers Big Sisters has rightfully earned him the Big of the Year! We want to thank Mike for demonstrating what the impact of a great Big can have on the life of your Little and in our community.

The Facing Project: Mentoring in Muncie

Thursday, January 19th was Thank Your Mentor Day! In honor of this day, Big Brothers Big Sisters launched a book – with the help of partnering organizations and The Facing Project – Mentoring in Muncie: A Facing Project, to celebrate the local mentors and the impact that they have in the community, and to individuals. At this celebration, the 2017 Big and Little of the Year (see our post on this).

This collection of stories is made up of heartfelt anecdotes told by individuals that have been impacted by their mentors. These individuals, coming from organizations that focus on providing mentors and other services to the youth of Delaware County, have grown to value the impact of mentoring, and feel passionate toward their cause. These organizations are Motivate Our Minds, Boys and Girls Club, Project Leadership, Shafer Leadership, Youth Opportunity Center, and For Girls By Girls.

Our Administrative Assistant, Meranda Herbert-Reich (right), flipping through book with friend at our event on Thursday night. 

Our Administrative Assistant, Meranda Herbert-Reich (right), flipping through book with friend at our event on Thursday night. 

The Facing Project is a non-profit organization that brings awareness to a wide array of topics through storytelling.   These first person accounts are collected in a book to be spread throughout the community; the reading at Muncie Civic also serves as a book launch.  In the book, Mentoring in Muncie, stories of the impact of mentors are told, highlighting their impact to individuals and the community.

The Ball State Speech Team performed each story with so much energy and emotion, which blew the audience away. After the performances, the storytellers and honorees were invited to a reception held to celebrate their work.  All those in attendance received a copy of the book.

Sue Godfrey, the Executive Director of BBBS, stated that “Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to partner with the Facing Project and other non-profit partners to share stories of overcoming and hope.  It is quite a privilege to be part of such a giving and service-oriented community.  We’re thankful for our volunteer mentors who are the backbone of our work to change lives.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware has a vision for all children to achieve success in life.  BBBS provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring 1-to-1 relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.


New Kids on the Block: Part 3

Meet a couple of our team members for the semester!  


Meranda (right), at age 13, pictured with her Big, Tracey (left).

Meranda (right), at age 13, pictured with her Big, Tracey (left).

Meranda is a senior at Ball State University, majoring in Organizational Communications. She was the Fundraiser Chair for the Ball State Communications Club, where she raised money for the Little Red Door. She has also gained experience at Shuttleworth, where she helped track budgets and helped lead the team on a project.

As the Administrative Assistant, Meranda works with the accountant to communicate budgeting needs. She uses her experience as a Fundraiser Chair to help with fundraising for BBBS.

Meranda knows the effect this organization has on the youth of this community. Meranda remembers when she was a Little herself. “My Big impacted my life more than she will ever truly know.” She had the opportunity to work with BBBS for the last Dance For Kids Sake event, and hopes to recreate that experience again for others. Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to have Meranda with us this semester!



Kaitlyn is a senior at Ball State University, majoring in English Studies. She has had previous experience working with children through Uncharted International (located in Uncharted International). Through Uncharted, she had the opportunity to work in their orphanages teaching children crafts.

As our Message Design Intern, Kaitlyn will be using her experience from her English Studies major to write copy for BBBS. Combined with her passion for children, we believe she will be a great fit for this position.

“If I had been introduced to this organization when I was younger, I have no doubt that it would have been perfect for me.” Kaitlyn was introduced to us through her career coach, Eilis Wasserman. She hopes to work with non-profits that work with at-risk children through grant writing and web design.

New Kids on the Block: Part 2

Meet a couple of our team members for the semester! 


Mariah Oliver is a student at Ball State University studying advertising with a minor in political science. She has previous advertising experience at Greater Grace Church. Here, she has used her skills to design the weekly programs displayed there.

Her aunt was involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters, so Mariah knows the goals of this organization. While interning here, she hopes to further develop her advertisements. She’s also excited to gain more real world experience.

Mariah did amazing design work on the Art For Kids Sake event. Her work has been great so far, and Big Brothers Big Sisters is so excited to see what she has in store for us as our Image Design Intern. Particularly for the Dance For Kids Sake event coming up soon.



Nate Robert-Eze is a third-year student at Ball State studying urban planning. Nate is the founder and CEO of his clothing company, 2eze™. Here, he has had extensive experience with working on his company website.

Nate’s planning professor actually encouraged him to go for this internship. “I enjoy doing work for a good cause,” he says. He believes he’s taken a great opportunity at a rapidly growing organization as the Concept Design Intern.

He looks forward to working on the website, and believes this is where he can “make [his] mark”. He is very excited to connect with new people, as well as gain more experience in working with graphics and working in a team. “I hope to use my graphics to impact lives.”


New Kids on the Block: Part 1

Meet a couple of our team members for the semester! 


Maralee Frush is a senior at Ball State University study social work. She has volunteered with two local non-profits: A Better Way, and the Buley Center. At these places, she has had experience in working with children, and handling confidential information.

Maralee chose Big Brothers Big Sisters for her practicum because she’s interested in working with children in the future. “I like how BBBS creates mentoring relationships for children.” The positive impact of this organization is what drew Maralee here.

“I hope that I can help with the match support here and helping the process of matching go smoothly.” Her experience with children at the Buley Center, as well as her time at A Better Way, is evidence that she is definitely up to the job. BBBS is so excited to work with Maralee!




Bretton Judy is a student at Ball State majoring in Advertising and minoring in Marketing. Brett has interned previously at IMI (Irving Materials Incorporated) by analyzing research marketing strategies. He has also handled various social media accounts for other clubs and organizations.

Bretton “[knows] how much an older sibling can have an impact on a child,” and he looks forward to getting the chance to make that happen for the youth of this community. Bretton now gets to make his impact as the Campaign Design Intern.

Brett came to the team last semester, and has blown us away with the work he’s done for Dance For Kids Sake, as well as other fundraising materials. His work is much appreciated, and Big Brothers Big Sisters can’t wait to see what the new semester allows him to do!


New Director on the Block

New Director on the Block

Sue Godfrey is the new Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters! Click here to get to know more about her, and what she's most excited about in her new position!