Bigs, not sure what you want to do with your Littles? Parents, want to create something with your kiddos? This is a cheap, fun activity, perfect for everyone! You can add more steps, take a few off, or keep it just the way it is! 

This Easy Easter Egg Wreath is easy to make, and very cheap to recreate. All you need is:

 Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Newspaper/Trash bag/Paper Towels (To make clean up easier!)

Plastic Easter Eggs

A Wreath Frame

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Optional: Pipe Cleaners/Ribbon

Optional: Glitter/Sequins/Paint/Elmer’s Glue

So, here’s what you do!

  1. Place a newspaper or trash bag flat across a flat surface to make clean up a bit easier. Take the time to plug in your hot glue gun and allow it to warm up before you get started. (Safety tip: Make sure no one tries to touch the tip of the gun so they don’t burn their fingers.)
  2. Set out the materials, so they’re all ready to go.
  3. Choose the colors of eggs and pipe cleaners/ribbon you want to go on the reef
    • Optional: For an added personal touch, you can have the kids use glitter, sequins, and paint to decorate the eggs before placing them on the reef.
  4. Place a dot of hot glue to the frame, and place an egg directly on the dot, pushing it to the frame. Continue this all around the frame.
    • Optional: Tie the pipe cleaners and/or ribbons between the eggs to give it a more polished look.
  5. Hang up your lovely wreath for the whole world to see!

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