When Haidyn met Rachel for the first time, she says, “I was going through a tomboy phase and Rachel brought out a personality in me that I didn’t know existed.” Haidyn is happy to have someone to talk to and hang out with. Before she was matched with Rachel, she only had her brother to hang out with, now she has a friend, mentor and Big Sister! She added, “Rachel has a sweet personality and a kind heart. I love her!”

When Rachel first met Haidyn, she met a sweet, caring girl. They have been matched for three years and their match is still going strong! Rachel has been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters for eight years. Haidyn is her second little sister. Over the course of their match they have shared moments that left a lasting impact on both Rachel and Haidyn.

“Being with my Lil Sis, Haidyn, helps me focus on the little things in life that I tend to overlook. When we are walking through a park or exploring a store, she points out little details - like a bird on a power line, or the print on a cool shirt.  Whenever she points out a detail I thank her for helping me remember to appreciate and find joy in the little things in life.”

One big event in Rachel’s life was her wedding in the spring of 2017. When Rachel and Ian got engaged she and now husband Ian, knew they wanted to have Haidyn in their wedding party. Rachel reminisced, “Haidyn was amazing and encouraging all day. I remember that she gave me count-downs throughout the morning as to how much longer I had to wait until I walked down the aisle to Ian.”

Over the past three years, Rachel says, “I have seen Haidyn grow in her depth of conversation. We are able to talk through topics that are real [and address] where she is at in her life.”

When asked why someone should become a Big, Rachel explained, “It helps you explore our community, and find out new places and new experiences you didn't know were around before becoming a Big.  It gives you the freedom to relax and be a big kid for a little time in your life each week!”

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