Andrea grew up in Ohio, until she ventured to Ball State to earn her bachelor’s degree in Journalism. After working in communications and hospitality for a number of years, she was able to do freelance graphic design and stay home with her three children.  Through volunteer work at her local church and in education circles, Andrea renewed a love for learning and working with children and parents.

Andrea’s first experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters was when she and her husband were asked to participate as dancers at Dance for Kids’ Sake in 2016. It was such a fun event, and it opened her eyes to the active, intentional work of BBBS.

Mentors had a huge impact on Andrea in different phases of life, and she is thrilled to help facilitate opportunities for others to make life-changing intentional friendships. She thinks it takes a lot of insight and courage for a parent to seek out new opportunities and empowering relationships for their children, and she is so glad Big Brothers Big Sisters is there to partner with them.  

Through Andrea’s time volunteering in multiple roles, she knows getting started can feel intimidating. She is excited to help Big volunteers get started with BBBS. She really believes their lives will be enriched as they share what has been invested into them and learn together with their Little.  We are grateful to have Andrea join the BBBS team as a Mentoring Coordinator.