Mentoring Coordinator, Andrea Eads, has been working to highlight goal setting with our new matches based on the long-term goals of helping our Littles grow into adults with confidence, competence, and caring relationships.

Goals related to having Confidence include:

  1. Able to express feelings
  2. Able to make decisions
  3. Have interests or hobbies
  4. Personal hygiene, appearance
  5. Sense of the Future

Goals related to Competency include:

  1. Uses community resources
  2. Uses school resources
  3. Strong Academic Performance
  4. Positive Attitude towards school
  5. School preparedness
  6. Class participation
  7. Classroom behavior
  8. Able to avoid delinquency
  9. Able to avoid substance abuse
  10. Able to avoid early parenting

Goals related to Caring Relationships include:

  1. Shows trust toward Big
  2. Respects other cultures
  3. Healthy relationships with family
  4. Healthy relationships with peers
  5. Healthy relationships with other adults

One of our new matches started in December, Ashley and Willow, are off to a great start! Ashley is faithful, fun, and very intentional. Within the first two months, this Big Sister has already touched on each of the set goals of:

Working together to develop a successful relationship with each other.

Willow’s mom, Anna, said that Ashley has done a great job planning ahead, texting to confirm before the match outing, and communicating clearly about when they will be back. Good communication helps build trust with everyone.

Attitude toward school and learning. Willow and Ashley set the goal to go learn together. Willow mentioned that she would enjoy going to a museum sometime.Ashley did a great job considering the goals set in her planning, and has taken Willow to the Muncie Children’s Museum and to the Ball State Planetarium together. The museum has free and half off days every month, and the planetarium shows are always free.

Have Interests or Hobbies. Willow and her mom said that Willow was interested in gain skills and experience in crafting and food preparation. Since Ashley and Willow are still in their first three months, they are not approved to have home visits yet. Ashley did a great job of working around what could have been an obstacle by planning ahead and bringing craft materials for a project to the matches outing to the public library.  

In addition to focusing on their personal goals, Ashley followed the program suggestion and showed support to Willow by attending her belting ceremony for Ju-Jitsu at Cornerstone Center for the Arts.

Both mother, Anna, and the Big Sister, Ashley, filled out a survey saying that they had a great experience getting enrolled with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and we are so glad. We are so glad that BBBS has been able to help Willow make a life-changing friendship where she can grow in being able to trust, have fun, and set long and short-term goals as she transitions into her pre-teen years.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware County provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Creating life-changing friendships is the core of BBBS’ work. We are so grateful to the volunteers, parents and children we serve, and to our sponsors for providing the funds to do our life-changing work.