Enrollment & Matching Support Coordinator 

BBBSDC matches a volunteer mentor (Big) and a child (Little) based upon similarities in personality, interests, and preferences. The Enrollment and Match Support Coordinator works with each match, focusing on coaching and supporting volunteers, children, and parents/guardians in each match relationship in order to achieve maximum impact. 

Event Planner

The Event Planner will work on behalf of BBBSDC to help organize and develop our annual & new fundraising events. In this role the Event Planner will be asked to work with a diverse team to ensure that each task for the fundraiser is complete.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant works with the Executive Director and Project Manager to ensure that BBBSDC has timely and accurate operating procedures.

Image Design 

The Image Design role creates brand standard materials for fundraisers, campaigns, recruitment and other projects for BBBSDC.