Research shows that all children regardless of their family situation can benefit from a mentor outside the family.  We serve children from all walks of life.  Growing up isn't easy with all the pressures and challenges that children face in today's society.  Having a Big Brother or Big Sister can support you by being a special friend and role model, helping your child to develop self-esteem and the confidence necessary to become a confident, competent and caring adult.


How do i get matched?

Matches are based on similarities in personality, interests, and preferences so you can enjoy activities together.  You can do what you normally do and simply take your Little Brother or Little Sister along.  We stress the importance of spending quality time and not money when together.

Please be assured that we take pride and care in finding the best match for your child and supporting you and your child throughout the duration of the match.  Your child's safety is very important to us and each volunteer completes a thorough screening process.  You are involving your child in a program that is part of a national organization that ensures Standards of Excellence.  Matches are based on similarities in personality, interests and preferences.  Mentoring takes place through the conversations, opportunities and activities that the volunteers provide. 


What do i do with my little?

In our own lives, each of us was touched by someone - other than our parents - who introduced us to new worlds, and brought a little magic into our lives ... catching fireflies for the first time, flying a kite, a first trip to the ballpark, building sandcastles at the beach, eating an ice cream sundae.  

As a Big Brother or Big Sister, you can do that too:  celebrate the joy of everyday moments, and bring magic into a child's life - moments where you get back as much as you give, and know you enrich a life just by being there.  Big Brothers Big Sisters is about Little Moments Big Magic.


What does the child gain?

During their time with you, the children gain confidence in themselves, explore and spark new interests, expand their horizons beyond their family and neighborhoods, acquire new skills and competencies and develop an enhanced capacity to care for others.



What is the long term impact?

Nationally, BBBS's commitment to measurement, analysis, and improvement is so core to who we are that we have developed a unique, proprietary method of tracking the interactions between Bigs and Littles. Known as the Agency Information Management System (or AIM), this performance management tool helps guide the decisions of our network of professionally trained staff members. Built to support Big Brothers Big Sisters, AIM provides the intelligence and data to continually improve our services to children.